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Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes - Japan Magic Eyes - Morning Mystery

Magic Eyes are an absolute goliath in the onahole making industry as they just keep churning out amazing toys that most people love. Well, they've done it again with the Morning Mystery Onahole . It's a scaled-down hip male masturbator made up of three high-quality Magic Eyes materials. The outer layer mimics real skin and is soft to the touch and squeeze. The second layer spreads throughout the middle of the onahole and is designed to apply some pressure and tightness to the inner material and tunnel. And the third layer makes up the inner tunnel itself. The tunnel is made up of three chambers right at the entrance, and further in, there are a series of bumps and ridges followed by a cervix-like pitchfork that further adds to the stimulation. The result of all of these layers and textures is one awesome feeling sex toy. The weight of the toy is 1.8kgs so it's sturdy and will need two hands to handle. Or you could just lay it on a bed or desk and keep your hands free to wander. Take this little fairy home with you today and experience her magical love cave as you wish.




Product Features

  • Triple-Layer 3D Tunnel With Multiple TexturesHigh-Quality, Sturdy Onahole
  • Tight & Unique Tunnel Design
  • Closed-End
  • Reusable


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 180mm × 180mm × 110mm

Weight: 1.8kg

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