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Jap AV - Wrapping Hip AI Uehara

Grab hold of the butt of Japan's reigning queen of porn with the exquisitely textured, realistically sizedWrapping Hip Ai Uehara Butt Onahole. Ideal for placing flat on a surface and gripping the beautiful curve of her ass tight while you pound into her, inside Ai you will slide through several stimulating ribs, before being squeezed into a series of nubs that will tickle your head until you explode with pleasure. This is a full air release hole type masturbator, making maintenance easier so you can enjoy Ai Uehara's butt time after time.

Product Features

  • Voluptuos butt
  • Soft & Stretchy
  • Hands-free
  • Reusable
  • Waterproof


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 160 × 110 x 900mm

Weight: 840g

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