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Naughty Sex with Young Wife

With the Young Japanese Wife Naughty Sex Onahole you can get kinky during those long weekends spent at home with your spouse. Stay in all day and become really acquainted with each other's bodies thanks to this masturbator, which features a remarkably meandering tunnel that takes you over a tight bump and along a sequence of clenching curves. And since she's your wife and you're trying to start a family, nakadashi (creampie) her is a requirement!

Product Features

  • Unique Internal Textures
  • Fluffy Double Structure 
  • Soft & Stretchy to accommodates any size
  • Closed-Ended 
  • Reusable


Material: TPR

Dimensions: 180 mm x 70 mm

Inner Dimension 160 mm

Weight: 404 g
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